It’s Raining… here

10:36:00 AM

It's Raining here 

Lots of things happened lately on rainy day. I can’t explain one by one here, but it’s quite enough to make me sit and think. I have to be mature. Leaving home behind, though not forever. I know that a lot of problems are going to facing me later.
But I knew I’d rather stay strong and patient. Because I have a great happy family and tons of loyal friends…
I believe that they give me strength so I can be strong to survive until now.
Still there are tremendous forces that can keep me strong after I stumble and falll, which is where I sigh about everything that happened which turns into tears. Yes, Allah is The Most merciful of all...

Wonosobo-Yogyakarta, January 3th 2012

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  1. This photo is so surreal.. I love it! :)

    1. thanks, :) I'm glad someone liked my photo, though a bit blur. thanks for visiting, anyway....

      Mmm.. I also really like your photos ... especially those under the tree. I like trees :)